Compare the FPL Bill

Compare the FPL bill.
1. Energy production of your power plant is reflected here. We want to compare your actual production vs FPL reporting. We will trust them, but verify what is reported. So you know what you are producing, now look at your consumption of kWh. kWh usage is broken down into total for period and kWh used each day. The big part here is the comparison to last periods usage. Armed with your production and consumption numbers you are left with one of three choices. Reduce consumption with more energy efficient appliances; Increase your production with more capacity (another panel); or Nothing – leave it the way it is reduced to a nominal bill.
2. Keep in mind FPL’s terminology. Note the use of the term “reserve.” This is the net metering aspect of the their accounting and shows on bill. If there were an excess production for this period, it would show. The excess carry forward till used or credited to you. They credit to solar customers early in the year. Any overproduction is returned to you in the form of a credit. It is usually calculated in January for the previous year. It will be shown on your FPL statement.
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FPL bill
FPL Bill

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