Thermal Water Heating

THERMAL WATER HEATING. How do you heat your water now? Do you use gas or electricity? If you use electricity, installing a thermal water heater and using the sun will be much more cost effective for you. Typically you will get your money back for the installation of your thermal water heater in about four years. Businesses are half of that time. From that point forward, you are heating your water for nothing – heating your water for free.

The federal tax credit is available for domestic water heating in South Florida. It is quite simple. The incentive is a tax credit form the federal government. A credit is a dollar for dollar decrease in the amount you owe in taxes to the federal government. To determine the dollar amount of your credit multiply total cost by 30%. For example: It includes installation, materials, parts and the heater. The dollars returned to you reduces the overall cost. if you have taxes removed weekly from your pay, you could receive a check back for the tax credit amount paid.


Warranty on your new thermal water heater has two distinct parts. One is that the tank is warranted for six years. The second is that the solar collector is warranted for ten years. These systems are built in Florida. The construction has been virtually the same for 30 years. This means that any development issues have long ago been worked out. The systems rarely have problems and will run for you, trouble free, for years.  A common concern is about attaching the collector to your roof.

There are usually two concerns when it comes to the attachment. One is, will it leak? We can’t say that an installation has never leaked. That just would not be accurate. We can say that there are almost no leaks and on the rare occasion of a leak we are right there to remedy the situation. The second concern is hurricanes. All the systems we install are engineered to withstand the limits outlined by Miami/Dade construction codes. We pull a permit for all of the systems we install. Your system will be inspected by the authority having jurisdiction (construction inspector) for your location to ensure we have installed your system to code. When we meet, have me show you a picture of a collector still intact and running on a roof after hurricane Andrew. The surrounding roofs and trees are gone or destroyed, but the solar collector is intact!


There are some great reasons to take advantage of thermal water heating. The cost has never been lower. Take the incentives while they last. The systems are proven and virtually trouble free. We will make the process of purchasing and installing your new thermal water heater a breeze.